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Andy Wilson's "non-profit" (Innovate Pasadena, formerly Pasadena Entretec) has received $95,000 in City of Pasadena taxpayer funds. Wilson uses his City funded "non-profit" to host events and parties and to relentlessly promote himself and his business interests. On June 27, 2016, Wilson voted to approve a 2017 city budget that includes a payment of another $27,500 to his "non-profit" for a total of $122,500.



In addition, Wilson isn’t being truthful about his non-profit’s involvement in development. On a campaign mailer that landed February 23, Wilson said “Innovate Pasadena is a non-profit. It has nothing to do with development projects…” BUT, that’s not what the developer’s lawyer says.  The Home Depot lawyer inadvertently disclosed that the Home Depot development team had been meeting with Wilson's non-profit: 

Possible Avon Site Development, as Yet Not Defined, Draws Nearly Unanimous Opposition at Community Meeting

The project is nearly unanimously opposed by the neighbors but once again, Wilson is meeting with the developers behind closed doors.

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