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Days after Andy Wilson was appointed to the City Council, his close associates began the process of building an $87 million condo project in our District.

Andy Wilson and developer Greg McLemore are close associates. They even go to Disneyland together with their kids. Less than 30 days after Wilson was appointed to the City Council, a group of “investors” led by McLemore made an “unsolicited offer” and purchased one of the largest parcels of open space in our District consisting of the Thatcher Medical Building and its adjacent parking lot located at 960 E Green Street.

Then the developer proposed building a 131 unit project that was 37% larger and 22% taller than the zoning code allowed.

When neighbors protested and asked for his help, Andy Wilson refused and began making a series of false and misleading statements. Wilson also concealed his involvement with the development when he told the Pasadena Star-News that:

“The councilman declined to take a stance on the development, saying he was advised by the city attorney not to support or oppose it until it comes to the council for a vote. He (Wilson) said he had not made up his mind yet because he felt he needed more information….” – Pasadena Star News, September 30, 2016

Although Wilson publicly claimed “he had not made up his mind yet because he felt he needed more information”, City emails show that:

  • In an email to a city employee (Robert Montano) being hired by the Developers (Patrick Chraghchian and Greg McLemore) Wilson states "robert — thx for a thorough response. good luck on your new gig. as you know, i am fans of patrick/greg. andy"

On August 13, 2016, Wilson told a constituent opposed to the project that Wilson would “reach out to the City planning staff to see what is in the work for that development”, even though Wilson had been “brought up to speed” by the developer just the month before.

The developers paid $10,000 to Andy Wilson’s non-profit – and pledged $20,000 more – a month after submitting plans to the City.

When doctors (some of whom are District 7 residents) asked for help, Wilson refused and publicly stated it was a "landlord-tenant dispute".

When city staff denied zoning concessions that the Developers wanted, Wilson questioned staff about the denial.

At the first and only community meeting regarding the Thatcher Development (held almost a year after Wilson first started meeting in private with the developers regarding the project) Wilson is asked if he sees a conflict:

Constituent: "You don't see any conflict?"
Wilson: "Uh no I do not.
Constituent: "Why don't you?"
Wilson: Next question!"


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