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IRRESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT – An important issue for many residents in District 7 is development – how the City will grow and what it will look like years from now. Our district needs a leader who is reliable, steady and focused on controlling development. Residents deserve to have a bigger say as to what is built in their back yard. Beautiful architecture and thoughtful development are hallmarks of Pasadena. Those who wish to build in our city are welcome, but they should respect our heritage and work with residents.

PUBLIC SAFETY – I've policed some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. I will do everything to ensure that the police, firefighters, and emergency responders have the resources they need to protect us and respond as fast as possible when we call them for help.

CITY BUDGET – The era of exploding municipal budgets is over. If elected, I will represent the residents of District 7 by making the tough decisions that are necessary to maintain fiscal discipline. I will not take the easy road of addressing revenue shortfalls by approving without
wise and careful scrutiny, every development proposal that is put before the City Council.

710 FREEWAY TUNNEL PROJECT – The proposed tunnel project is a disaster disguised as a solution and will simply make traffic worse, negatively impact the environment and drain valuable resources.

EDUCATION – I'm proud to be endorsed by the organization representing almost 1,000 PUSD teachers.  Pasadena cannot continue to be a great city unless it has great public schools. The City Council must work seamlessly with the school board to do what is best for the students. This includes ensuring that city resources provided to the PUSD are deployed in an efficient and effective manner.

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