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The owners of the corporate sponsors of Andy Wilson's "non-profit" have organized a committee to interfere in the District 7 council race on behalf of Andy Wilson.

A committee funded by Innovate Pasadena members called “Keep Pasadena Beautiful – Committee to Support Andy Wilson for Council 2017” was formed April 3. The original treasurer was Eric Ayzenberg and it has been changed to Glenn Camhi. The entity has been funded by:

Eric Ayzenberg $2,500 (owner of Ayzenberg, an Innovate Pasadena Corporate Member)
Jennifer Goldman $2,000 (wife of Matthew Goldman, CEO of, an Innovate Pasadena Corporate Member)
Eileen Knell $2,500 (member of Innovate Pasadena “Leadership Council”)

$2,500 from the spouse of Bradley Schwartz, owner of Innovate Pasadena sponsor Strategic Law Partners, LLP - they live in La Canada

$2,000 from the CEO of Spokeo, yet another corporate sponsor of Innovate Pasadena - not a registered voter in District 7

$1,000 from Isaac Garcia, member of Board of Directors of Innovate Pasadena - lives in Altadena

They have already spent $3,879.64 plus another $4,532.64 on mail for my opponent.

Wilson has falsely claimed on his campaign mail that Innovate Pasadena "has nothing to do with development." In reality, Innovate Pasadena is working with the "development team" for the current Home Depot in Pasadena.

Paid for by Hosp for City Council 2017
Mailing address:
530 S. Lake Avenue #918
Pasadena, CA 91101
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